Antoine Kalmbach

Hi, my name is Antoine. I’m a programmer living in Jyväskylä, Finland. I work as a software architect at Qvantel specializing in distributed systems.

I’ve been programming since childhood, from games to desktop software, but these days I specialize in distributed systems and databases. In the past I’ve built desktop software, web applications, optimization software, and done user interface design. I’m a big enthusiast of functional programming and Lisp, and the design of programming languages.

Most of my spare time is spent doing exercise, either powerlifting or cycling, or reading. Occasionally I post in this blog, where I write about programming and other topics that I find interesting. When I have the passion or time I do some programming as well. You might also want to check whatever I’ve done on Github.

You if you have any questions you can reach me via email or on Twitter.