Antoine Kalmbach

Hi, I’m Antoine. I’m a software professional from Jyväskylä, Finland. I work as a software architect at Qvantel.

I’ve been programming since childhood, moving from games to desktop software to the web. I’ve worked with desktop software, web applications, optimization software, machine learning, distributed databases, and messaging systems. I’ve also done my fair share of user interface design. These past years I’ve worked a lot with product design and product development in the telecom sector.

I write here about topics that interest me. I can’t offer a single term that could cover all the categories in this blog, although if I had to guess, software might be a good one.

You if you have any questions you can reach me via email or on Twitter.


This page is made using Jekyll, the pages are built by Travis CI and deployed to and hosted by Github. The pages are a mix of Asciidoctor and Markdown, with images by PlantUML, graphviz, and ditaa. The theme is my own. I author this site using GNU Emacs.